Friday 6 February 2009

New FIAT 500 "Abarth"

Never call this an Abarth...
Recently we were informed by our Italian friends that a new Italian company was to be incorporated (again) under the name Abarth... what a news for us – Abarth believers! After quite some Sherlock work – no professional campaign at all was launched in Belgium – we acknowledged the name of the importer. Of course we were ‘on the edge’ and ordered ‘the-new-Abarth’.

But how blinded can a fool be … the delivered plastic computer on wheels has nothing to do with the real Abarth … it is imported as a FIAT … the only reminder of the once glorious Abarth era was just a name, a sticker with ‘Abarth’, glued on the back to increase sale. Also the finishing touches were FIAT made : after the first car wash, we lost half of the Abarth sticker.
Of course we called the dealer who answered, bravely, that we could order a new sticker... against payment. It felt like the word ‘after sale service’ or ‘guarantee’ had never been translated into Italian. After some air-blowing we were referred to the mysterious company Fiat-Abarth with the message to hope (or pray) for resurrection (or a compensation). They took no responsibility … it looked like the car was directly purchased from a bank.

Of course, Scuderia La Fortuna called straight to Luca, but again it appeared that a company balancing on the edge had a management with no answers and no solutions.

We felt moralised : once, but never again. No more bad working plastic computer on wheels, just the ever lasting real Abarths!
But lets end with a positive note : for a FIAT it’s quite a fast experience.

Sunday 23 March 2008

The beginning

The Mentor
Rob Slotemaker

The Apprentice

Koos Visser

Monday 12 November 2007

Monday 11 June 2007

Coppa Bella Macchina

Op zondag 10 juni 2007 was Scuderia La Fortuna present op de de 14e editie van de Coppa Belle Macchina.
Onder een ontwolkende hemel kwamen duizenden oldtimer-liefhebber bijeen op het domein Kasteel de Renesse. Tussen de meer dan 700 auto's oogstte vooral de Abarth 030, de laatste nieuwe telg in de Scuderia, bijzonder veel bijval.

Zie ook de website van de organisatie :

Monday 7 May 2007

The Abarth Works - Museum

The Scuderia was kindly invited by Guy Moerenhout at the opening of the Abarth Works Museum at Lier, Belgium.

The combination of the Museum and the garage is unique and leads you around in the marvelous world of Abarth and his creations... From the presence of 250 people at the opening and the 83 cars presented, there is only one conclusion : Abarth is still very much alive!!

The Scuderia hereby congratulates Guy Moerenhout
with the opening of his new work space.
The entrance of the Abarth Works - Museum

The Abarth OT 1300 and Monomille of Scuderia La Fortuna temporarly in the Works Museum

The Abarth OT 1300 and Monomille were real eyecatchers ...

The President of the Scuderia met after many years again Mr. Dupont, the importer of Tomaso.

A carton on a wall in the Abarth Works - Museum

Friday 27 April 2007

Rally Laarne Kalken (Belgium)

On April 15th, 2007, the Scuderia La Fortuna was invited by Scuderia Miniatura. The Abarth Monomille, driven by Elke and co-piloted by Ken participated at the local rally in Kalken-Laarne, near Ghent. Scuderia Miniature deployed with the Austin Healey Frogeye and an Abarth Fiat 500.
More pictures to be seen at the following link :

Tuesday 24 April 2007

Rally 5 Chateaux : some pictures

Rally des 5 Chateaux : the finish

The Rally Coupe des 5 Chateaux was a great succes for the Scuderia.
The pictures will soon be on-line on

Sunday 8 April 2007

World Meeting Porsche 356 at Sitges, Spain

The Scuderia will participate at the World Meeting of Porsche 356 in Spain from 17th till 20th of May 2007.
For further information please visit
Pictures will be available at after the meeting.
Il Presidente

Next Rally April

The Scuderia will participate at the Coupe des 5 châteaux from Wednesday April 18th till April 22nd 2007.
Fort further details please visit
Scuderia Team

OT 1300

Saturday 31 March 2007

The Abarth OT 1300

The first design of the OT 1300 dates from 1965. 50 cars were produced exclusively for the purpose of driving on circuits. The OT of our Scuderia is one of two still existing cars we are aware of, which was transformed from a circuit Abarth into a rally car, the other one was exported to America.
The base of the OT is of the Fiat 850. The motor is a completely Abarth product, rear, longitudinal 4 cylinders in line - bore and stroke 86 x 55,5 mm - 2 double weber carburators - 9000 rpm - top speed of 240 km – F.I.A. homologation Nr.229 – FIVA Id.card Nr.23677.

Saturday 24 March 2007

The Abarth Monomille

This Abarth Monomille, imported from Italy, is from 1961 with registration number 666 and chassis number 100D436766.

It is one of the only 8 models in Europe as far as we could trace. The chassis is from the Fiat 600 but the body is the first body created by the Abarth team itself. The engine was completely transformed by Abarth and compared to the Fiat 600 with only 32 hp, this Abarth has 82 hp by 8000 rpm and a top speed of 200 km.

The Monomille was rebodied and completely restored by the Belgian Abarth-Team of “Guy Moerenhout – Racing” in 1998/99. This Abarth is used for international rallying (FIVA Card Nr. 15182) and already took part in: ”The International Historic Tulpenrallye “ in 2000 as well as the famous Giro di Sicilia and Targa Florio in June 2000 at Sicily.

Friday 23 March 2007

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